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Car Leasing

Get 100% driving delight, when you rent an auto in Singapore with Neo Rental and Resources. Search accessible autos for renting from our wide system of accomplices in Singapore. It's the more intelligent and easiest approach to rent vehicles from a wide range of autos.

We offer our customers with corporate cars, Wedding cars, Luxury cars, Travel cars and a lot more.

Our standard rental package includes:

§  Road Tax and Radio License

§  Vehicle Insurance

§  Regular monthly maintenance

§  Unlimited mileage


If you lease an auto while staying at Singapore ,a leased or rented auto would offer a genuine feelings of serenity for the most part, on the grounds that the rental organization bears all the forthright installment (half of auto value now) in acquiring the auto, deterioration and dangers, including guaranteeing the auto, support, repairs, paying for the street assesses and guaranteeing the accessibility of an affability auto and a 24-hr roadside help program.


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