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 What does the car rental rate cover?
Rates covers rental of vehicle on a 24 hour basis. Example: If the car was collected at 12pm today, it has to be return at 12pm the next day.

What if I need to extend the rental period?
The hirer will have to inform Neo R and R Pte Ltd of such intention immediately.

What if I am unable to return the car on time?
It is the hirer's responsibility to inform Neo rental and resorces should he/she is not able to return the car on time. Every excess hour will be charged at one fifth of the agreed rental rate. However it is up to Neo R and R Pte Ltd discretion to accept the delay.

Do I need to refill the petrol tank?
The hirer should refill the petrol tank to the same level as when he/she collected the vehicle. If the tank is not refuel to the same level, the cost of petrol plus a service charge of $10 will be levied.

Can I drive the vehicle to Malaysia?
Yes, selected models are available for Malaysia usage. Surcharges applies.

What if the vehicle is involved in an accident?
The hirer must report all accidents to Neo R and R Pte Ltd immediately. Should there be any bodily injuries, the hirer must report to the respective authorities after informing Neo rental and resorces.

What if the vehicle breaks down?
The hirer must report all vehicle breakdowns to Neo R and R Pte Ltd immediately. This 24 hour Emergency Breakdown Service is provided free of charge to the hirer. A replacement vehicle will be provided subject to availability. In the event that no replacement vehicle is available, a pro rated refund will be given to the hirer. Please note that punctured tires, empty petrol tank, flat battery, loss of car key or key locked inside of vehicle does not constitute a breakdown. In the event that the 24 hour Emergency Breakdown Service is called upon to response to such occurrence, the hirer shall bear a service charge of $50 per trip plus the cost of replacing the parts.

What if I receive a parking fine?
The hirer will be responsible for all parking and traffic violations.

What are the forms of payment for the rental?
We accept payment in the form of cash , NETS and all major Credit Cards.