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At NEO R and R Pte Ltd ,we aim to provide users with the best prices for cars on the day you need them whilst ensuring a highest level of service. We are highly recognised for our services as a budget car rental in Singapore as well as Brand New Cars for rental. Also Known as Neo car rental, we provide an array of cars delivering only the best in quality. Our car rental services are open to all, from experienced drivers to those who just got their license and are new on the road. Neo car Rental offers rental to P plate probation drivers. Through our services, we hope to ensure that our customers have access to cars nationwide at the cheapest possible prices and trust that they are getting great service at a good value. Our team at Neo car rental is flexible with long and short-term car rentals depending on the durations of the services. Short term rentals could be for a day and longer ones can stretch up to weeks. What’s better is that we allow our customers to choose a car which they are comfortable with.

All our vehicles undergo regular service checks and maintenance to ensure that our customers will enjoy an optimal driving experience. When renting a car, Hirer need to be advised against hiring private cars. These cars are illegally to serve as rental cars. As such, no coverage is provided by insurance companies in the event of an accident. LTA views this strictly and won’t hesitate to take action against those who commit this offence. Driving without insurance coverage is an offence. If caught, drivers will face a mandatory find of not less than $500 and License will be revoked . We aim to serve the needs of all drivers and ensure that our well-rounded service proves to be the best in Singapore. We hope to be a viable option for those with a tighter budget but would like to enjoy the benefits of having a car at hand. Special promotions during a particular point in time are offered for customers to reap more benefits and enjoy our services of a budget car rental in Singapore. Neo Car Rental is your reliable and go-to place to ensure a hassle-free and safe temporary ride. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for east or west cheap car rental service. You and your family will definitely enjoy your experience with Neo Car Rental.